courses, concerts and workshops
11th edition - Rome (Italy) August 1st - 8th, 2012
Location: Scuola Popolare di Musica di Testaccio

Courses and workshops:
16th and 17th Century Court Dances: Claudia Celi
18th Century European Countrydances: Ilaria Sainato
19th Century Social Dances: Paolo Di Segni
Baroque Oboe: Angela Paletta
Harpsichord: Christopher Stembridge
Recorder: Marco Rosa Salva
Percussion: Ninad Massimo Carrano
Renaissance and Baroque Harp: Marina Bonetti
Renaissance and Baroque Singing: Angela Bucci
Renaissance Lute and Baroque Guitar: Federico Marincola
Theatre workshop: Lorenzo Pasquali
Ensemble Music workshop
Qi Gong Seminar 

General information

Full programs and curricula of teachers (in italian) are available here. Feel free to E-mail us for specific information.
The final students' performance will see the participation of music, theatre and dance courses.
Students that are already enrolled in one course may also attend six individual lessons of another course with a supplementary charge (see below).

Music courses
The basic tuition fee for singing and instrument courses covers individual lessons, collective lessons, the ensemble workshop and the Qi Gong Seminar

Registration & insurance fee:


  • with advance payment up to june 30th 60.00 euros
  • with advance payment after june 30th 120.00 euros

Tuition fees:

Main courses:

  • Harp (Agugust 4-7, inclusive of ensemble workshop): 210.00 euros
  • Harpsichord (Agugust 4-7): 250.00 euros
  • Other music courses (singing or instrument, inclusive of ensemble workshop): 270.00 euros
  • Dancing courses (10 ½ hours) 130.00 euros
  • Theatre course (24 hours): 180.00 euros

Supplementary courses:

  • Six individual singing or instrument lessons (30 minutes each): 180.00 euros

Special discount

  • Members of covenanted Schools and Societies and students enrolled to more than one course are entitled to a discount of 50.00 euros

The registration fee and 50% of all tuition fees must be paid in advance by bank transfer to the account 10114.65 at Monte dei Paschi di Siena, branch 8686 (European IBAN bank code IT 72 S 01030 03293 000001011465 - BIC: PASCITM1C06), in the name of "Il Teatro della Memoria", or by money order to: Il Teatro della Memoria - via Gradoli, 56 - 00189 Roma (Italy). For residents outside the Euro area, credit card payments are accepted through PayPal. Send us the registration form by e-mail and we'll send you complete paying instructions. The advance payment shall not be refunded in case of cancellation after June 30th. If the cancellation arrives before June 30th, the advance payment will be refunded with a deduction 50.00 euros.

The registration form, together with a copy of the payment, must arrive before June 30th 2012:
· by mail to: Il Teatro della Memoria via Gradoli, 56 - 00189 Roma (Italy)
· by fax to (+39) 06-33267447
· by e-mail to:
The balance must be paid before the beginning of the courses.

The maximum number of students for each course is thus determined:

  • Harpsichord courses: maximum 6
  • singing or instrument courses: maximum 10 per course
  • dancing courses: maximum 16 per course
  • theatre course: maximum 18

Students will be enrolled according to the order of arrival of the registration forms. Those that cannot be admitted because the maximum has been reached will be promptly informed, and the amount paid will be refunded, unless they want to enroll in another course.

The Direction reserves the right to modify the programs. The courses for which the minimum number of registrations will not be reached will be cancelled, and the amount paid will be refunded.

The registration desk will be open on August 1st from 4 to 7 PM.

The courses will be hosted by the Scuola Popolare di Musica di Testaccio at Piazza Giustiniani 4/a (the ancient Testaccio slaughterhouse) in a central area well connected by subway (Metro B line - station Piramide), local train (station Roma Ostiense - for timetables see tramway or bus (ATAC website:

Registered students are insured against accidents during lessons with a maximum of 50,000.00 euros. Check with your health insurance company and your national health system about coverage in Italian hospitals in case of illness. Most EU member states have arrangements that allow the citizens of one state to be admitted free of charge in the public hospitals of another. If you have any doubts, contact us and we'll try to find information on the arrangements with your country and the documents you need. First aid ("Pronto Soccorso") at public hospitals is subject to a fixed fee ("ticket") of 25.00 euros for minor illnesses that don't need immediate treatment (white triage code). In serious cases don't hesitate to call the emergency phone 118.

Special rates for our students are available at several hotels and Bed&Breakfast. E-mail us for a list.

Mail address: via Gradoli, 56 - 00189 Roma - Italy
phone/fax : (+39) 06 3326 7447 - mobile (+39) 328 364 5555 (up to July 30)
July 31-August 8: (+39) 320 055 7319


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